Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DDOS Mitigation: DDOS Protect Top Tips

Here are the top 5 tips from Network World, plus one from us, on how to stop DDOS.

#1: It’s critical to recognize early that an attack is occurring. The best practice for how to stop DDOS attacks including preparing beforehand, maintaining situational awareness and detecting attacks as soon as they start.

#2: Get an anti-DDOS mitigation provider and make sure it shares data with you.

#3: Understand the type of DoS attack that’s coming. (ensure your DDOS protect strategy includes analysis of SYN floods, UDP floods or blended DOS attacks)

#4: Be clear about pricing with your anti-DoS mitigation provider.

#5: Motivations for DDoS attacks are many. You may need to understand you attacker's motive before knowing best how to stop a DDOS attack.

[Our comment: Now that you're thinking about how to stop a DDOS attack, also make sure you've got a DDOS attack plan and have practiced it.]

Get the full story on DDOS mitigation, including when to focus on DDOS protect strategies given the new times DOS attackers like to hit, here:

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