Sunday, August 3, 2014

Where Do DDOS Attackers Find Their Bots? India and China, to Start

"Put simply, many more people in India and China now own computers, but this boom in ownership hasn't been accompanied by an equivalent boom in computer security, leaving many of these PCs unprotected and vulnerable to exploitation.
Other countries that are at the forefront of DDoS attacks include Iran (8% of the share of bots), Indonesia (4%) and the United States, also with 4% of all bot activity. In Iran and Indonesia there has also been an increase in the ownership of personal computers combined with a lack of internet security, while the US presence on the list is explained by the fact that it contains the highest number of computers in the world: a staggering 310.6 million. It seems that not all of these US based computers have sufficient virus protection, which is a big problem:" reports the Huffington Post.

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