Saturday, January 14, 2023

What is "On-Premise DDOS Protection?"

On-premise DDoS protection is a type of security system that is implemented at the network edge of the business. It provides extensive, multi-layer defense against DDoS attacks, enabling complete and sophisticated visibility into security events. It is designed to protect against small, sub-saturating DDoS attacks, and can identify and mitigate large-scale volumetric attacks in the cloud. However, this type of protection does have a key drawback, which is its limitation in blocking large DDoS attacks that are larger than the internet pipe. To ensure protection at all levels, businesses should consider combining an on-premises appliance-based solution with a cloud-based solution.

The following DDOS solutions have on-premises applications, according to various sources:

  • Radware: Radware provides a range of DDoS protection solutions for enterprises, service providers and data centers. Their solutions provide multi-level protection against DDoS attacks, including inline and out-of-path solutions.
  • Corero: Corero provides always-on DDoS protection solutions for enterprise, hosting and service providers. Its solutions protect on-premise, cloud, virtual, and hybrid environments.
  • Cloudflare: Cloudflare provides a range of products designed to protect against DDoS attacks, including their Enterprise DDoS Protection, which is designed to protect servers, websites, and applications from large-scale attacks.
  • A10 Networks: A10 Networks provides a range of DDoS protection solutions for enterprises, data centers, and service providers. Their solutions offer multi-level protection, such as inline and out-of-path solutions.
  • F5 Networks: F5 Networks provides a range of DDoS protection solutions designed to protect against volumetric, application, and protocol-based attacks.

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