Wednesday, November 27, 2013

DDOS Protected VPS

DDoS Protected Virtual Private Servers (VPS)  are one solution to DDOS attacks. Providers claim such hosting costs a fraction of that for a dedicated server and often offer automatic DDoS mitigation of  10Gbps & 10 million packets per second or more.

A DDOS Protected VPS can be a good solution for companies unwilling to accept the downtime and/or mitigation costs of keeping their own servers from getting DDOSed.

Experts suggest checking the following when choosing a DDOS Protected VPS:

  • Does the vendor have sufficient bandwidth? Check their claims.
  • Does the vendor have its own data center? Some companies offering such VPS services do not, and that may be an issue.
  • Is the vendor offering an off-the-shelf (OTS) solution or its own? OTS solutions may not be capable of dealing with complicated, massive or new DDOS attacks.
  • Read the Terms of Service (TOS) carefully. They vary. Sometimes the TOS even contradicts the marketing claims that brought the vendor to your attention (eg, they claim a certain level of protection in their advertising, but their terms do not guarantee that level).


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