Friday, November 29, 2013

Endangered Dolphins Prompt DDOS Attack?

Microsoft service sites temporarily blocked in Japan. “'The DDoS attack was launched in response to Taiji...Operation Killing Bay OR #OpKillingBay,' according to the post. Operation Killing Bay is an initiative protesting the slaughter of dolphins in the village of Taiji in Japan – a controversial topic that has gained a lot of coverage in recent years:" reports SC Magazine.

Microsoft DDOS attack prevention software apparently limited the impact of the DDOS attack.

"Anonymous," the hacker collective, claimed responsibility.

Why the DDOS attacker chose to punish Microsoft for the actions of Japanese hunters is unclear.

This incident underscores the risk posed by hackers upset at issues related -- directly/indirectly/or only by factors such as location -- to your enterprise. 

Launching a DDOS attack is relatively cheap (see elsewhere on this site); responding to it or deal with its results may be quite expensive.

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